The Republic of Uzupis translated its Constitution into the Kazakh language

Representatives of foreign countries continue extending their congratulations on Astana’s anniversary to the young capital of Kazakhstan. A celebratory event on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Astana was held in Lithuania, in the most unusual and worldwide famous districts of Vilnius, the self-proclaimed republic of Uzupis. To mark the anniversary of Astana, the Government of this informal state within a state translated its Constitution into the Kazakh language.  


 - It is the first official document of Kazakhstan in a Latin script with our apostrophes and other signs. We are the 30th country that translated the constitution of Uzupis into our state language. There is a symbolism as both Uzupis and Astana are 20 years old. 

Now, there is a small part of Kazakhstan in the most popular and visited touristic sites of Vilnius, as a sign plate with the Kazakh text of the Constitution of Uzupis was installed in the city. The opening ceremony organized by the community of Uzupis was accompanied by entertaining performances of the Kazakh musicians that gathered citizens and guests of the city.  


 - The main idea is not aimed at attraction of tourists. We want people to find a part of their culture when they visit Uzupis. If there are tourists among these people, then it is also good. We came to an understanding that we should establish agencies focused on tourism development in the republic of Uzupis. 

An exhibition of works of the Astana Photography Club also opened in the central part of Uzupis. The exposition is dedicated to Astana, the young capital that in two dozen years turned into the symbol of revival and center of the Eurasian space.