Astana is the city of the future located right in the heart of the Great Steppe

Astana is the city of the future located right in the heart of the Great Steppe. Today Kazakhstan’s young capital is rightfully considered as the regional center of gravity. The capital has become a platform for international events where global topics are addressed. Every year, the capital’s architectural landscape evolves, combining the motifs of the East and the West. The city residents and guests are getting ready to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Kazakh capital. South African Ambassador to Central Asia has offered to organize an exhibition of African art and an evening of music to mark the date.


 - Being an African, I would like to bring some bit of Africa to Astana’s celebration because I saw from expo last year that the Africa Plaza was one of the most visited plazas in the expo. It was huge between Kazakh people and African people. Just looking at my two granddaughters who are here in Kazakhstan with me, they already speak Kazakh and Russian.

Masters of fine art describe Astana as a playground for imagination and creativity. Contemporary artists from different countries are fascinated by the city and often paint the young capital on their canvases.


 - This is your 20th anniversary and to see what you have created is formidable. I should go home and tell everybody that you must book a fly to Astana.

Many tourists are planning their vacations in Astana during the celebration of the capital day. The celebrations will feature a rich cultural program, where everyone will find entertainment to their taste.


My friends recommended visiting Khan Shatyr and Baiterek. Those buildings are very beautiful and the architecture is classy. Everything is modern. I like that.

I’m enjoying my visit to Astana. Even Stockholm doesn’t have such skyscrapers. Astana is a very beautiful city. To be honest, I didn’t expect it this way.