Artisan street in Astana marks its first anniversary

A pedestrian street full of artisan shops and handmade items in Astana has turned into the center of attraction of the residents and visitors of Astana. This year, the artisan street marks its first anniversary. The lively atmosphere of the Esil River embankment makes this street a popular recreational area among the urban dwellers. People can take a walk and buy exclusive leather, felt, clay and wood works of the Kazakh craftsmen. Pedestrians can also enjoy the music of the street performers.  


- This painting is called “The City Sky.” I made this painting as I was impressed by the beauty of the nature, even though I am an amateur artist. Another painting is called “Blessing.” I dedicated this painting to the 20th anniversary of our beloved capital Astana. You can see Baiterek, young people and a grandmother giving her blessing. 


- There are many performers on our artisan street, including dance groups and singers. A fire show is also performed here. It was a great surprise for us. The number of craftsmen has grown in a year. Last year, there were mostly amateur artisans, but this year, there are many professionals.    

There are areas where craftsmen, street musicians and artists gather in every city of the world. Their unique designs and styles form the image of the entire districts and cities. An outdoor cinema and a karaoke area have become the special features of the artisan street in Astana. A richly decorated Khan Yurt will soon be established in the area.  


- I come here with my grandchildren. Children like the musicians’ performances. Decorations are beautiful. It is a recreational area with cultural environment.

- We come here often, almost every other day. The sunny and warm weather makes it very enjoyable to walk here. On gloomy days, this area is still festive and eventful. I enjoy walking here.  

- I came from Pavlodar. The art works are pleasing to the eye. There are many beautiful decorations. 

The artisan street represents the authentic spirit of Astana. The area is set to promote the interest of Kazakh history and traditions to the younger generation. The project manager plans to make the artisan street open throughout the year. According to the artisans, the craftsmen should be provided with an indoor area.