Astana is becoming a tourism center in Kazakhstan

Astana is becoming a tourism center in Kazakhstan. Last year, over 800,000 tourists visited the capital. More than 100,000 Chinese tourists visited Astana and they were amazed by the unique architectural constructions. Travelers from Russia, Germany and the United States are interested in sightseeing in the capital. Astana Mayor’s office plans to increase the number of foreign tourists to two million by 2020.


 - Our capital has reached high rates in 20 years. Tourism infrastructure, transport and logistics are developing every year. The large hotels are operating. Contacts with foreigners are being strengthened. A visa-free travel with 70 countries was introduced. We are working to strengthen tourism with China. On June 14th, we are holding a festive event called ‘Kazakh Tuni.’

Today a registrar of guides has been created in the capital. Having registered in the Tourism Association, the guides can receive an official document and visit the city’s cultural and historical facilities for free. Local guides are ready to offer guests more than 10 types of excursions.


 - We have nearly 10-12 tours depending on topics and areas. We choose to visit universities when there are schoolchildren. We could do patriotic themed tours too. We choose to visit the museum of the first president and the national museum. Sometimes we go for a stroll in parks. Tourists can get acquainted with our history.

Astana has become the center of international events for 20 years. Last year, the capital hosted the EXPO 2017. According to official data, approximately four million people from 187 different countries have visited the large-scale event.