Dutch florists invented a new variety of tulips for the 20th anniversary of Astana

Dutch florists prepared the most delicate gift for the 20th anniversary of the Kazakh capital. They invented a new variety of tulips with a beautiful name ‘Arman Kala.’ Within two weeks, the new tulip will receive a certificate with registration in the Netherlands. 1,000 bulbs of Dutch flowers will be brought to Kazakhstan.


 - ‘Arman Kala is a new variety.  It is red with white margin and it is very long lasting. It blooms for more than three weeks.

According to experts, the process of breeding new type of tulips takes a very long time. Sometimes it takes four centuries, says Jan Lighthart. In the first three years, only the stems and leaves appear and the first flowers starts to appear only in the fourth year. Only after more than two decades, the new type of tulips can be introduced and talked about. Jan Lighthart and his two sons grow nearly 3,000 different varieties of these flowers. He is aware that the ancestral home of tulips is Kazakhstan.


 - It is a very nice country to me. Big mountains, very nice cities. I look forward to go there. In the winter it is quite cold and summertime is much more warmer than in Holland and dryer. It is a land climate. That is what tulips need in the habitant: cold winters and warm summers.

The congratulatory gesture is organized on the initiative of the Dutch flower growers with the support of the Kazakh embassy in the Netherlands.