AEF 2018: Five megatrends by President of Kazakhstan

Five megatrends, which was announced by President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev at the Astana Economic Forum, are relevant worldwide, said professor at Nazarbayev University, Daniel Pugh. He said that great importance must be focused on education in order to respond to global challenges such as digital transformation, the energy revolution, the growth of the world's population, urbanization and transformation of the labor market. Kazakhstan has advanced far ahead in these areas owing to reforms in its education system. The republic pays great attention to constant development and education of young people which include the development of modern methods and the provision of material and technical facilities. A clear example is the Bolashak program, which provided 13, 000 Kazakhstanis an opportunity to study abroad in the world’s top universities at the expense of the state. Local universities that meet international standards are also created in the country.


 - I think the president’s identification of these five megatrends is exactly right.  Education is the driver of everything else. The students we have will become the leader in the future. And the way we teach them to deal with problems will result in how they address these five megatrends as challenges. From my perspective the most important right now is education.