Digital transformation is megatrend of global development

Digital transformation is one of the five megatrends of global development. President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev said the digital transformation includes development of digital infrastructure, IT-ecosystems and increase of digital literacy of the population. The President’s suggestions have become the main topics of discussion at the sessions of the Astana Economic Forum. According to experts, Kazakhstan is going through grandiose transformations. A clear example is the promotion of the Digital Kazakhstan program. The forum participants said that the introduction of modern technologies in all areas of economy will help the country to increase competitiveness in world markets.


 - Digital transformation is a very important factor in the development of Kazakhstan as a state. However, I take into consideration the country risks in terms of digital transformation. I welcome the system of Public Service Centers which has been operating in Kazakhstan for eleven years. These human resources should definitely be used in the development of the country.

E-Government service is currently actively operating in Kazakhstan. The system allows getting multiple online services individually. About 37 million government services were provided by the e-gov website in three years. According to the experts at the Astana Economic Forum who analyzed the systematic and coordinated work, Kazakhstan is expected to reach the 30th position in the Information and Communication Development Index by 2020. The country is also expected to attract 67 billion Tenge of investments into startups and significantly improve its position in the Innovation category of the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Index.