Digital Kazakhstan: Prospects

Digital transformation is the future of mankind. According to experts, digital transformation should concern not only technologies, but people as well. INSEAD Executive director of Global Indices, Bruno Lanvin believes that in the age of new technologies this process is determined by time. In order to withstand the growing competitiveness at the global market, countries should develop the digital transformation of their economies beforehand. However, Lanvin stressed that we shouldn’t forget about people in the race for new technologies. Areas such as education, recruitment and the so-called digital mentality should become a priority.


– The efforts made by Kazakhstan are definitely going the right direction, there is clear vision from the government, there is clear level of public investment in that area. Attracting the right kind of talents, creating these talents through the education, upskilling, life-long learning will be critically important.

It is important to remember digital transformation’s impact on business. According to IDC Vice President, Robert Farish application of digital technologies comes not only with advantages but also with certain risks, such as job cuts due to automation process and increasing competitions in business. Therefore, according to the expert, entrepreneurs establishing their companies in the age of digital economy should understand that they need to invest in new technologies in order to develop successful projects.  


– In the future, companies will probably make use of artificial intelligence in order to make instantaneous decisions based on all of this information. So, positioning your company, so you have an architecture which will be able to make use of this information and acts on this information is very important step. It’s not easy, and my position would be – I think it is a lot harder for large companies than for small companies.

Foreign experts that gathered at the global dialogue platform, the Astana Economic Forum agreed on one point. The world is gripped by the global process of digital transformation. Countries that ride on the bandwagon and modernize their economies and production would definitely succeed. Those countries that will not be able to join this movement in the nearest time will lose their competitive positions.