Crypto currency and block chain technology will fundamentally change the financial market

Crypto currency and block chain technology will fundamentally change the financial market. According to the founder of Waves Platform, Aleksander Ivanov, a megatrend of digital transformation voiced by the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev  at the Global Challenges Summit is becoming important. US$16 trillion is the amount that artificial intelligence is projected to contribute to the global GDP by 2030. The Digital Kazakhstan program has been launched in the country which meets modern trends and allows developing digital infrastructure and IT-ecosystem.


 - The digital economy will play a very significant role and its share will grow in the global economy. This is why it is very important for Kazakhstan. The President of Kazakhstan understands the importance of development of digital and blockchain technologies.

Another megatrend announced by Nursultan Nazarbayev during the Astana Economic Forum is a change in the pace and nature of urbanization. Today, Kazakhstan is implementing development strategies of agglomeration. Previously Almaty was the only city with a million populations in the republic, now Astana and Shymkent have joined the list.


  - Soon, states will not be imposing their rules, but the big megacities. People are moving to cities. Urbanization is, of course, a trend. On one hand, this is a problem. On the other hand, urbanization gives opportunities.

Famous futurologist, economist and alumna of the Stockholm School of Economics, Kjell Nordström, has predicted that in 50 years there will be 600 cities instead of 218 states. The center of the Middle East will be Dubai whereas Singapore will be the center in Southeast Asia. This worldwide trend is also happening in Kazakhstan as nearly 100, 000 people move to Astana every year.