British financier Jim O’Neill opined that Kazakhstan has a great transit potential

British financier Jim O’Neill opined that Kazakhstan has a great transit potential. He participated in the Astana Economic Forum earlier today. The world famous expert said that the country has advantage due to its geographical location. O’Neill also highlighted that the Silk Road project is a powerful tool for Kazakhstan to attract investments to the region. Kazakhstan definitely has the capacity to develop a transit hub and it is currently moving towards this direction.


 - The fact that you are right next to China and China focuses on so called One Belt, One Road and Kazakhstan is between China and Europe. When I really focus on your land mass being the ninth biggest in the world is kind of like a wow. I think Kazakhstan is in a very good position for the ongoing rise of China but actually also for the growth of other important places in Asia.

‘The Future of Civil Society’ is one the most interesting discussions at the Astana Economic Forum. Experts discussed the key aspects of the global trends in the civil sector as well as the new challenges and opportunities for non-governmental organizations (NGOs). German-American professor and sociologist, Helmut Anheier has great interest in this topic.


- I believe that the topic of ‘The Future of Civil Society’ is very important. Development of civil society plays a significant role in the development of a country and they must develop together. Civil society in Germany has old democratic traditions. We are constantly discussing the role of the civil society in certain issues, such as migration. Germany lacks this large-scale forum that is held in Kazakhstan where we gathered to think and decide on the future of the civil society. That’s why I believe that what you do in Kazakhstan is very important.