Michio Kaku: Vehicles will be intelligent and every person will be able to talk to their cars

What are the prospects of digital transformation in human activity and how will this affect the world economy? The questions on the most pressing issues of mankind were discussed by the speakers of the Astana Economic Forum. The discussion topics include artificial intelligence, crypto currencies and block chain technology. According to experts, the new digital trends will fundamentally change the financial market as well as human life. By 2030, up to 800 million people will have to study new specialties, many of which do not exist at the moment. The rapid development of artificial intelligence will contribute to this trend.


 - You could talk to a machine like a friend could these computers can ever be like a human? I thought what that would do to education. I round up teaching for eight years in my life. You had one teacher per student you can never fail. You can’t afford one teacher per student, you can’t afford human being. So I always hope that is a dream of mine if computers ever got to a level of a human they could be your best friend.

Famous American physicist and futurist Michio Kaku believes that the market will be soon overtaken by robots and the automotive industry will be subdued. Vehicles will be intelligent and every person will be able to talk to their cars. The development of the industry will create new jobs. Robots-manufacturing plants will be open massively as well as their service and repair facilities. According to the scientist, the development of the robotics industry and the artificial intelligence can bring economic prosperity to countries.


 -  So we have to embrace this technology because it is a job-creator. Jobs are going to be created with artificial intelligence. And companies that do not have artificial intelligence products will go bankrupt. And that’s why you have to get on the bandwagon now, here on the bandwagon, because that’s going to be the source of jobs, economic growth. You know, we’ve had four revolutions in science. One was the steam engine, which gave us the industrial revolution. Then, electricity, which gave us the electrified cities. Third is high tech, the internet. Fourth is artificial intelligence. That is the fourth wave of wealth generation.

The scientist also believes that the life span of humans will rise in the future and microscopic chips will be helpful in healthcare. The chips will allow precise diagnosis and human organs will also be grown in laboratories. At the discussion, the forum participants concluded that the technological revolution accelerates economic growth and also promotes development of the world. Experts will conduct further discussion on this topic in the future.