President Nazarbayev attended the Astana Economic Forum

Astana hosted the Astana Economic Forum: Global Challenges Summit today. Kazakhstan President, Nursultan Nazarbayev attended the event. Earlier in his speech, he identified five major megatrends in the global economy. The first trend is the digital transformation of all areas of human activities. President Nazarbayev stressed that digital transformation in Kazakhstan will be the platform for the development of digital infrastructure, IT and digital ecosystem in the country. Digital literacy of Kazakh people will also reach 85 per cent and the workforce productivity in the manufacturing sector will grow by 1.5 times in the next five years. Meanwhile, the second trend is energy revolution and the global movement towards clean energy.


- In thirty years, the amount of energy generated by renewable sources grew by 13 times, the cost of the solar panels dropped twice and there is a boom in the automotive industry. Experts said that the replacement of all the cars with electric cars would make the air on earth as clean as it was 200 years ago. We see that almost all the largest players at the conventional energy markets are intensively investing in new energy. Kazakhstan is also involved in these processes. The international exhibition EXPO 2017 themed Future Energy that was successfully held in Kazakhstan has become the basis for the systemic development of the green economy in Kazakhstan. The share of the alternative energy sector in our energy balance will grow to 30 per cent by 2030.

The third and fourth megatrends announced by President Nazarbayev include the rapid growth of the world population and urbanization. According to United Nations data, seven billion people will live in cities by the middle of the century. This means that the era of mega cities will continue in the future. President Nazarbayev also said that robots can replace the human brain. He cautioned that people in the modern world should be ready to master several professions and follow the principle of lifelong learning.


- In order to overcome all these challenges, it is necessary to build new effective mechanisms, a dialogue between states and the exchange of knowledge. The G7 and G20 summits where I have repeatedly participated, in my opinion, do not cover the global issues. This is why we put forward the G Global Initiative. This allows the consolidation of interests of all countries. The G Global can become an effective tool for developing more balanced solutions.