Kazakh judiciary system are interning at City, University of London

Kazakh judiciary system are interning at City, University of London

The economic future of the Eurasian space and the potential of the Astana International Financial Center as a regional financial and investment hub are discussed at the Global Challenges Summit 2018. The work in this area is constantly conducted in the AIFC, including training of highly professional staff. The financial hub will function based on the principles of the English Common Law. 20 representatives of the Kazakh judiciary system are interning at City, University of London.


 - We like this internship, because it is interesting and informative and broadens our horizons. We expect that in the future it will help us improve Kazakhstan’s legal procedures.

Judges and court staff category was included into the list of priority specializations for doing internships abroad under the Bolashak international scholarship. A comprehensive and effective curriculum was developed specially for the future judges. They first take courses in specialized English. The curriculum covers such areas as property legislation and land disputes. In addition, domestic specialists study legal issues in the civil law, criminal proceedings and the structure of the courts in England.


-  Well, I think they’ve learned a lot of new English vocabulary. We’ve also been focusing on improving their listening skills, in particular, to be able to listen to real life television or radio broadcasts in English to get used to that. We’ve also worked a lot on speaking skills. I feel students have come much more fluent, much more able to engage in conversation and discussion and debate.

After the completion of the language courses, Kazakh students will intern at the Royal Court of the United Kingdom and other courts in London to study the judicial system, especially with regard to investment disputes.