AEF 2018: The world of resources

Sustainability is one of the topics of the 11th Astana Economic Forum (AEF). Experts from all over the world will discuss the impact of world population growth on the development of world economy as well as the shortage of resources worldwide. In 2015, Kazakhstan and a number of United Nations members adopted a concept on the transition to sustainable development. The country also cooperates with the world’s largest financial institutions.


– We discussed with the government about the opportunity of creating a steering council at the highest level chair by the prime minister, deputy prime minister to provide guidance on the process and align with the strategy-2025 to create 7 working groups gathering 17 SDGs around each of these working groups. And then also create a coordinating office, a secretariat to provide substantial input in each area.

Effective resource management is one of the methods of sustainable development. According to experts, the future lies in renewable energy. Kazakhstan is taking a concrete step in this area. The Republic plans to generate three per cent of electricity using renewable energy sources in the next two years. The Astana EXPO 2017 exhibition that was held last year has encouraged the development of green technology in the country.


 - Kazakhstan has been supporting global green initiatives for a long time. The initiatives are related to goals of sustainable development and the Paris climate agreement. The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Law have been put in place on the territory of the Republic since 2012. The concept has been adopted on Kazakhstan’s transition to a green economy. Each of these bills has a common line on the effective use of resources.

A record number of experts will participate in the Global Challenges Summit 2018 this year. Businessmen, politicians and scientists who have influenced change in the modern world will share their opinion at the forum. The participants intend to urge the international community to discuss the new challenges and the future of the world and humanity at the panel sessions. Ban Ki-Moon, who has over 40 years of diplomatic experience and served as the United Nations Secretary General for nine years, will take part in the summit. He will participate in the Global Security session.