АЕF: Global Challenges Summit 2018

The three-day Astana Economic Forum (AEF): Global Challenges Summit 2018 will welcome 500 global experts and cover 11 global topics. The forum will provide an updated dialogue platform for the discussion of the most trending global issues.

One of the main topics of the forum is Unified Economy. During the session, speakers including Francois Hollande will seek answers to the questions – ‘should we expect the growth of global economy in the future?’ And ‘can countries improve market mechanisms’ and ‘how would the efficiency of world economic system be improved?’

Meanwhile, participants of the Global Strategy session will discuss about the accelerating pace of global changes, such as global warming, recycling and international trade.

Smart technologies and urban developments will also be discussed at the Urbanization session. One of the speakers of the topic is Parag Khanna, a senior research fellow at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy in Singapore. He will talk about the strategies of developing mega cities.

Sustainability is another topic on the AEF’s agenda. The participants will discuss issues involving the deficit of food and water and the shortage of natural resources in the time of growing population. Famous writer, Tristram Stuart will speak at the session.

The developing countries’ transition to renewable energy sources will be the topic of discussion at the Clean Energy session. Representatives of the leading green technology industry will participate in the discussions.

At the Singularity session, speakers will discuss on the methods of predicting the behavior of artificial intelligence. American physicist, futurist and author of the string theory, Michio Kaku will provide the insight at the session.

Meanwhile, at the Digital World session, the discussions will be focused on the adaptation to new digital reality. Well known politician, Toomas Ilves will speak at the session.

Speakers at the Future of Money session will discuss on the new financial system, focusing on the area of crypto currency.

How to preserve privacy and protect user data from cybercriminals? The participants will seek the answers to these and other questions during the Global Security sessions. Former Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon will share his opinion on these topics.  

The New Mankind session, dedicated to the future of the 21st century and the relevance of human in the new world, will discuss the boundaries between natural and artificial intelligence.

Meanwhile, topics on life expectancy and the impact of ageing population on global economy will be discussed at the Longevity session. Director of the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, Anthony Atala will be one of the speakers at the session.