AEF: Global Challenges Summit-2018

The Astana Economic Forum responds to the current worldwide challenges. This year, the global analytical platform was changed to the Global Challenges Summit. The goal of the forum is to look into the future of the planet and mankind. This year, the format and presentation of information will be changed. There will be TED talks, innovative presentations and workshops. Visionaries who analyze and forecast future development are invited to talk at the forum too. Previously, the forum presented only conventional panel sessions. Lectures, presentations and meeting with top economists will also be held at the leading universities in Astana. The local experts share their opinions on the main trends of the upcoming event.


- The forum will cover topics such as the global economic processes and how they affect Kazakhstan and Central Asia and what decisions should we make to respond to these challenges. Other topics include achieving a stable growth and certainly social status of the population. Urban development is a very difficult issue. European countries went through this process in the 19-20th centuries. It was a very difficult issue. Their current concern is the migration from Africa and the Middle East.   

In addition, as part of the Astana Economic Forum, a strategic session dedicated to Kazakhstan will be organized. According to experts, expanding the forum’s agenda will give Kazakhstan the opportunity for collaborations based on its national development strategy.


 - The recommendations from previous forums could be used for economic and financial policies. Now, we are sure that our guests will help us formulate policies related to human capital, technologies and resource component development. This is the forum’s distinctive feature.