An entirely new industry is rapidly developing in the Aral Sea region

Watch in the program:
1. From now on there will be a penalty for accommodation without a proper residence permit;
2. Some other changes have been introduced since the beginning of 2015. These are the new traffic laws;
3. The scholarship program ‘Bolashak’ will become more effective;
4. 75 industrial facilities have been put into operation during the first five years of the Accelerated Industrial Innovative Program in the Aktobe region;
5. An entirely new industry is rapidly developing in the Aral Sea region;
6. The new mining and metallurgical company that was launched in Karaganda region will operate for the development of the gold processing industry of the country;
7. A fully automated water treatment plant with the capacity of 125,000 cubic meters of water per day has been launched in Almaty;
8. Families of the deceased pilots who crashed during training flight near the village Zhanalyk in Almaty region, have received flats in the town of Taldykorgan;
9. A monument dedicated to Kajymukan Munaitpassov, the first Kazakh wrestler and world champion among heavyweights has been erected in the Akmola region;
10. Kazakhstan’s biker, famous traveler Dmitry Petrukhin is preparing for a new expedition;
11. Nearly five million tourists visited Kazakhstan last year;
12. Kostanai artists with disabilities but with unlimited imagination have created a new direction in the art of wool applique;
13. Thunders of applause, flowers, exciting reviews from the audience.