Al-Farabi and the philosopher’s stone

«The door opened with a creak and a candle flickered in the draught. The messenger’s face was obscured in the darkness, but the person hunched over the table knew who the individual was and why they had entered».
«The most magnificent and exalted one gives you yet more time. By the rise of the seventh moon all should be prepared. And do not forget that the executioner will swiftly ready his blade» – from the Legend of Al-Farabi.
Legends tell of a royal alchemist who served a caliph of Baghdad. As always, the alchemist was tasked with finding a way to make gold so the coffers of the caliph would never run dry. The royal alchemist did indeed find a way, but his gold was too soft and unsuitable for practical use. So, the Caliph ordered the wisest and most advanced philosopher of the time to Baghdad. He was summoned and thus the problem was solved – he turned the alchemist's solid gold into a pure liquid. The alchemist’s name was Muhammad Abu Nasr Al-Farabi.