The Golden Horde. The Black Death. Zhanibek Khan

«A sharp crack of a burning bone startles even the shaman. He whispers an incantation and withdraws a blackened iron from the fire with a great deal of caution. This is an omen. Darkness as black as pitch shall swallow the sun, bringing cold and hunger to the Earth; black Death comes from the steppe that none shall escape», - from a medieval legend.
In the reflections of the fire the Khan himself saw ominous shadows. Predictions of royal astrologers were no less cheerful. Wise Sufis maintained a puzzling silence. However, nothing bode ill on the face of it. It was a regular military operation. Such trivialities could hardly shatter the mighty Horde. Shrugging off these ungodly premonitions, Zhanibek ordered his military commanders to convene.