The Golden Horde. The Testament of Genghis Khan

«I command you to go on a military campaign, cross the Volga and Ural rivers, reach Kiev and beyond to the final sea, conquer 11 countries and their peoples – the Bulgarians, the Hungarians, the Russians and the Kipchaks» From the legend of Genghis Khan
This melody is performed every hour both night and day in each of the four cardinal directions. It has been performed for several hundred years. And it ends abruptly before being completed.
The final sea is the Atlantic Ocean, as was thought at that time. Did Genghis Khan’s descendants manage to fulfill his wishes? And why did Batu Khan’s Western European campaign start and end in the Kipchak steppe? How was the Golden Horde’s territory formed? And, as strange as it may seem, what does the Krakow musician have to do with it?