The Golden Horde and the King of the Kipchaks

The history of this town, like the rest of Hungary, is inextricably linked to the history of Kazakhstan. More than once did nomadic tribes migrate from the Sary-Arka steppes into the Hungarian wasteland. The Huns migrated some fifteen hundred years ago, followed by the Magyars who left northern Kazakhstan for Hungary 500 years later. In the 12th century the kipchaks led by Khan Koten arrived on the banks of the Danube, fleeing the Mongolian army.
Legends of the Kipchak King are  not only abundant here. Laszlo the Cuman preferred the white Khan yurt made of felt to the grim halls of stone castles. Instead of knightly duels he went hunting for foxes in the boundless Hungarian wasteland. The King’s fellow tribesmen called his / him «Lashyn» – the hawk.