Nurlan Bazhirov. Endless steppe, the Mighty horses

Nurlan Bazhirov lives in a world where you see horses all around you. The artist presents its image with inimitable mastery in a wide variety of angles. They gallop, facing to the galaxy, in the cycle of the elements, in a frantic rhythm and in a magical leap ... All this is extremely unusual and bright! This dynamism is adapted from life, where everything bubbles, explodes and freezes in a jump. It is the furious rhythm that allows us to be surprised at the thoughts of the artist, his philosophical world, where everything is subject to movement, where you cannot stop. Only looking forward, only in a rapid take-off, you can find yourself and tell about yourself exactly as he did, Nurlan Bazhirov in his works. Everything is very simple - the artist was born a nomad, and his understanding of the nomadic culture of his ancestors was consciously, genetically entered into his consciousness and transmitted by graphic sheets of a mythical saga. For more information, see the new Kazart release.