From Kolsai-Kolderi to Jedediah Smith

In this episode, the Outdoor World team will join a research expedition to explore snow leopard in the Kolsai-Kolderi National Park, take part in a meeting of biodiversity conservation experts, and will share its impressions of the journey across the national parks of the United States.

The park was named after the American pioneer, hunter and mapmaker Jedediah Smith. In the spring of 1823, Smith's squad went down the Missouri to the mouth of the Grand River, where it got into an armed conflict with the Arikara Indians.  They were unhappy about the fact that trappers were selling guns to their enemies – the tribe of Sioux.  The Arikara attacked the trapper boats and killed about 15 people.  Close to the Sheyenne River, a grizzly bear attacked Jedediah Smith, broke his ribs, ripped open his stomach, and almost scalped him.  Seriously wounded, the hunter walked 300 km and survived.