A man of art. Aizhan Bekkulova

Aizhan BekkUlova ... A person who you definitely need to talk about and tell and show. She created lots of works. Firstly, as an artist. Embroidery and applique, this is a whole art and a whole world! Felt and wool ... Fancy exotic tapestries. Wood and ceramics. This is for her strange dolls. Secondly, she is the president of the Union of Artisans of Kazakhstan. The revival of folk traditions and a journey back centuries. Yes! And she is a designer. Her bold collection last year blew minds of the inhabitants of India and China, Russia and England, Thailand and Azerbaijan ... Third: she is vice president of the World Association of Artisans. All this was gained through exceptional education and impressive authority in the art world. With her powerful energy, she transcends all boundaries. Probably because once she allowed this!