Zhetysu. Rivers flowing into Lake Balkhash

"In Zhetysu, mountains rise to heaven, rivers are full of water and tugai are full of animals and birds." According to legend, the poet and philosopher Asan Kaygy in search of the "promised land" Zher-Uyuk "on a fast, like a wind, a camel traveled all over the Great Steppe. Asan Kaygy traveled for a long time, and finally found a land where the land is so abundant that there is enough natural wealth for everyone, and people live without knowing grief, need and violence. All rivers of the Zhetysu region flow into Lake Balkhash, but the way of life of people in their mouths is different. What are the roots of these differences? Are they connected with landscapes and the state of flora and fauna? The constantly operating outdoor expedition “OutdoorKZ” is trying to figure this out. Enjoy watching!!