Lucano Sozzo and Mohammad Fazlul Hake

Traveling, working all over the world and adoption of new priceless life experience is the common things of Lucano Sozzo and Mohammad Fazlul Hake. Their professions allow them to learn new culture and work with people from different parts of the world.

Lucano has started his career in Lecce city which is located in the south if Italy, on Salentine peninsula. That time he had a job on side as a waiter. Then he went to the Netherlands to work in the same sphere. Later he was back to his homeland after what he continued his way. He was invited to Ukraine, to Kharkov city to work for one of the top international hotel. Two years later he went to Kazakhstan, to Almaty and a bit later to the capital city. He has been working in hospitality for more than 30 years so far.

Mohammad Fazlul Hake is working as a butler. He is an authorized person of the hotel and the best friend of the hotel’s residents. His desire of working as a butler is connected to the opportunities of meeting different people.