Martial Arts of the Steppe Warriors

“They are horsemen and foot-borne troops,” that is what Herodotus wrote about the nomads. And the ancient Greek writer Lucian wrote: "There are ten thousand horsemen, but three times more troops came on foot." Using that information we can say that not only the cavalry was combat-ready among the early nomads. Their military tactics were based on the courage of the foot soldiers as well.

The heavy spears of nomads with one blow used to kill two opponents at once. And the Scythian bow was considered as the peak of the development of distance combat. This is about distant ancestors. Kazakh nomads were the first among nomadic peoples to use handguns, which led to a change in military tactics in the steppe. And the importance of foot combat has increased significantly. Today, all the nomadic infantry techniques have adapted to the present times and have become an all-around sport. Their descendants – stuntmen have successfully mastered them, and in this episode, they will teach our host to fight with the sword.