Tigers in paintings of Isa Abdukarim

Isa Abdukarim is the only artist in Kazakhstan who was awarded the Gold Medal, the most prestigious award at the Cannes Art Festival in France. 300 artists from all over the world presented their works. But a great success among connoisseurs of art went to Isa Abdukarim. His paintings hung on billboards in the days of the festival, they hit the Catalog of International European painting. Prestigious and rare recognition of professional art business. And this was immediately appreciated by curators of exhibitions in Milan, Paris, Istanbul. He is a member of the International Triennale of Painting in Sofia, the Mif Festival in Moscow and also are among private collections around the world.

Isa Abdukarim was born in Kashgariya, comes from a very notable kind of merchants, known for their education and culture. His father was engaged in patronage, and in every way supported the young Isa in his passion for painting. He studied at the Almaty Art School, at the theater department.

The first tiger was a small work done in the tempera technique - a tiger cub coming out of a red grove. In 1993, at the Central Asian Biennale, he presented a triptych with his tigers. The well-known artist Engels IskhAkov approached him and prophetically spoke "Make the tiger the basis, and you will succeed.”