Seven Rivers of Zhetysu. Lepsy

Today, within the framework of the Seven Rivers of Zhetysu Project the Outdoor KZ Permanent TV-Expedition is heading to the Lepsy River. 

In this episode, we will track the river before its confluence with Lake Balkhash. We will explore the low Mountains of Kyzkash-Tau and Uten-tai, walk through the inundated forest, get acquainted with the inhabitants of the foothill steppe, cross the sandy desert and take a glance at the river delta. 

In this issue, together with our audience, we will discover how the argali managed to escape from wolves. We will peak at the mating ceremony of turtles and learn why the number of roes is increasing. Our experienced guides will tell us when they saw the saiga on the Lepsy coast the last time. We will see a bustard, a little bustard and some other Red Book animals.

We will spend several days in the wild together with people who devoted their whole life to protecting the nature of this amazing region.