Dolls of Gulfarida Dzhaniyarova

Once on the train, which was heading to Moscow, extraordinary passengers were on it. These were author dolls of the Almaty artist Gulfarida Djaniyarova.

The trip to the international doll exhibition became a huge event in the artist’s creative life. In the author's collection of Gulfarida Dzhaniyarova there are over two hundred dolls. These are interior beauties in luxurious attire, fairytale heroes, and dolls - portraits of historical figures.

From this journey, Gulfarida Dzhaniyarova and her family of dolls returned as world celebrities. She became the first from Kazakhstan’s artists; who was accepted into the international organization of author dolls.

The work of the Kazakhstani master was highly appreciated by the masters of puppetry from all over the world. Authors dolls of Gulfarida Dzhaniyarova were recognized as world-class masterpieces.