Sculptures by Pavel Shorokhov

People recognize his sculptures, talk to them, love them: a girl on rollers running along a bridge over the “Round Square” in Nur-Sultan, animalistic compositions and a couple of lovers at the fountain in front of the Transport Tower, a boy sending a flock of birds to fly near the complex "Triumph of Astana".

In Almaty, a lot of children sat on the back of a metal tiger in the old culture park. Family albums store photos taken by an acrobat hovering in the air and a cheerful clown at a city circus. Touching flamingos under a flowing fountain on Zhibek Zholy, a girl at “Rahat Palace”, a lovely lawn sprinkler near the “Nurlytau” business center, a reading man, crouched on a bench. All of this is so familiar and dear to us.

The works of Pavel Shorokhov are kept in the collections of many world museums and in private collections in Kazakhstan, Russia, France, Germany, Italy, Austria. Reflecting the beautiful, the sculptor shapes our consciousness, our taste and idea of ​​the beautiful. His work carries a huge charge of positive energy. He carefully studies the environment, trying to find the hidden beauty, and then recreates it in his sculptures. His style is recognizable, and each of his work is a part of himself, of his past life.