Almas Serkebaev

Almas Serkebayev is a Soviet, Kazakh and American composer and pianist. He is an Honored Artist of Kazakhstan and Laureate of the State Prize of Kazakhstan. He finished Gaziza Zhubanova`s class at the Kazakh State Conservatory.

‘Aksak Kulan’, ‘My brother Mowgli’ rock opera, ‘Tomiris’ opera, ‘Shylkyma’ Kuy for chamber orchestra and  ‘Folio Verso’ violin sonata are the most remarkable musical compositions created by Almas Serkebayev.

He wrote music for ‘Tlep’ ballet and ‘Astana!’ musical. He is the composer of violin and piano concerts, instrumental fantasies, arrangements and orchestral versions for famous songs including those of well-known Kazakh music band ‘A-Studio’. He also wrote music for 9 films produced in Kazakhstan, Russia and the USA.

Now he lives in Boston, Massachusetts.