E-commerce in Kazakhstan

00:07 - E-commerce in Kazakhstan is experiencing rapid growth. This market is growing at double-digit rates from year to year. Today its volume estimated hundreds of billion tenge. It's no wonder that there are players who come up with original business ideas. These include Alabita.kz project. Its founders intend to digitize the largest flea markets of Central Asia. 

04:42 - According to the analytical company SuperData virtual reality technology market is one of the fastest growing in the world. By 2020 it will increase 20 times and reach US$37 billion. In Kazakhstan, there are few players in this market, it can be said that the ecosystem is being formed. One of the most notable domestic projects in this direction is a Unived platform.

08:00 - Medet Rakhimbayev is an advisor on strategic development of an innovated platform based on the methodology of managing talents. Why does Medet recommend to read John Shawl's “First-Class Service”?

10:53 - Everything related to the car is a big market. It costs a lot of money to keep your car in good order to repair and update it. That's why the interests of startups to the car market is not surprising especially in Kazakhstan, where automation is just starting to gain momentum. One of the new and ambitious projects in this area is called Asper.