Karaganda region. Ecological Museum

The Karaganda Ecology Museum was established 20 years back by local geologists, geochemists and biologists who wanted to share their knowledge on the environmental issues of Central Kazakhstan and potential solutions with the public and authorities.

The main mission of the eco-museum is to promote environmental or eco-culture as an integral part of general culture in Karaganda Region.  It’s hard to separate eco-culture from, for example, civilized land use, hunting and fishing culture, eco-tourism or economic culture.

Today is quite hectic in the Karaganda Ecology Museum as it is from here where the international zoological expedition will start. Within the framework of the Kazakhstan Argali Conservation Initiative Project, IUCN experts and the staff of the territorial fauna inspections will go to Karaganda and Eastern Kazakhstan Regions to monitor wild animal populations in selected model sites. Special attention will be paid to mountain rams or argali.  In the course of the next 3 weeks, the Outdoor KZ permanent TV expedition will accompany the researchers in their journey and adventures.