Fariza Ongarsynova

She has always been a rebel. She saw no boundaries and limits. She hated Soviet censorship. Each book, released in collaboration with Tatyana Frolova, took years of constant negotiations and talks. She literally fought for her right to publish a book. Of course, romantic and sensual poems were the most criticized. Despite the criticism, Fariza continued to write about love, feelings and freedom. And any woman could know her story in Fariza’s poems. Her characters were close to readers. They were from real life with real problems and true feelings.  However, the personal life of Fariza Ongarsynova was always a secret sealed. She was single and did not tell anyone anything about her affairs. But only close people knew that she was totally in love. But this real and true love ended in tragedy. They met when they were young in the village where Fariza lived. It was a love from the first sight. But shortly before the wedding, he died in a motorcycle accident. Fariza suffered for many years after this loss. Over the years, the pain is gone, but the woman closed her heart and kept forever the memory about the first love.