Poland - Kazakhstan: New perspectives of cooperation

In 2017, the volume of mutual trade turnover between Kazakhstan and Poland was over nine hundred and two thousand dollars. Compared to the previous two years, there has been a positive trend. Nevetherless, in the context of other European countries, the volume of mutual trade is very small. Therefore, today both Poland and Kazakhstan are making efforts to move the millionth Rubicon by expanding the format of business relations.

The Eurasian Economic Union initially laid in its program the idea of developing trade and economic relations in the framework of the so-called free trade zone. We are talking about countries that are not part of this integration union, but who want to cooperate with it. Vietnam was the first one to work in this format. In May 2018, at the Astana Economic Forum, two very interesting agreements were signed, the terms of which can be called a prologue to a closer partnership.

In Soviet times, up to four thousand tons of fish were raised in fish farms in Tajikistan. A part of this volume was supplied to other republics, including Russia. It is said that fish grown in the cleanest mountain rivers of Tajikistan was in great demand at the Kremlin’s government cuisine. In Dushanbe alone, there were more than 160 shops selling live fish. With the collapse of the union, the fish industry of the republic fell into disrepair. But today it is being reborn. Our correspondent from Tajikistan is ready to tell about it.

Railway engineering. This industrial sector plays a significant role in the manufacturing industry of Kazakhstan. Since it was here that formed the chain of productions interconnected by industry interests. This process, in the conditions of development of logistics and transit of trade cargo, is of particular importance for Kazakhstan. Two years ago in Kazakhstan in the city of Aktobe, the opening of the enterprise took place, which organically entered the profile complex. In a short time, it managed to occupy its niche not only in the domestic but also in the foreign market.