Experiential tourism in Kazakhstan

Why canyons around the world attract tourists so much? The answer to the question seems simple as usually canyons, grottoes, caves, and depressions are quite picturesque. This is exactly where you can take an excellent picture and, as they now say, “blow up the Instagram”. About 4 million people come to see the Grand Canyon in Arizona every year spending 1 billion dollars on experiential tourism. Beauty is a great force! Yet, there is one more reason why land surface phenomena attract us so much. They make it possible to eye-witness the grandiose geological story our planet Earth - billions of years pressed into layers are exposed to anyone willing to enjoy them.

In recent years, experiential travel has been actively gaining momentum in tourism. People don’t want just to eat, drink and sunbathe on the beach. They are more eager to learn, make new discoveries and put to test their best adventure qualities.

In the course of the last year, the permanent OutdoorKZ TV Expedition made a huge trip visiting different landscape and geographical zones across Kazakhstan. No doubt, each region is peculiar and unique, but some of the natural sites in the north, south, west and the east of the country are especially attractive and marvelous. We mean canyons and the so-called colored mountains. The pictures were taken here turn out the most bright and saturated, although in this episode we will not talk about their beauty but their educational value.