Cloud services in Kazakhstan

For a long time, experts have ceased to count data by terabytes because for the last 2 years it has been created 90% of all information ever existing in the world, and its volume continues to grow every day. To date, 16 zettabytes of information are stored in the network and if we transfer this into terabytes, we get a number with nine zeros. According to analytical research, by 2025 the global amount of data on the Internet will be more than 160 zettabytes!

Widespread digitalization of all spheres of the economy, electronic workflow and the opening of the Big Data capabilities have become a powerful impetus to the development of systems for digital information storage.

The need to store data without the cost for expensive equipment has led to significant growth of so-called cloud services. This is indicated by figures. For the last year, the world's inhabitants spent 153.5 billion dollars for the possibility of cloud technologies usage provided within general or public access, which is more than the indicators of 2016 by almost 40 billion.