Togyz Kumalak – The nomads’ algebra

Togyz Kumalak literally means - 9 reels. According to one of the versions in ancient times cattlemen played this game using dry mutton pellets. Another version says that kumalak

should have been the size of a mutton pellet, but was instead made of wood and stone. Today

togyz kumalak is very popular in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, where it is called togyz korgool.

The game develops an oral counting thats why it’s called "the algebra of nomads". The match can last four to five hours. During the game, rivals have to use all four basic mathematical actions. The game is built not only at the speed of calculation, but also on tactics.

Another intellectual game presented at the tournament is Ovari. It was invented in Africa, in Ghana, this game was part of the combat training - before the march the soldiers sat at the board to check their reaction. The seeds of the plant were used for the game.