Dichato – the most expensive horse in Central Asia

Today we will find out who will become the winner in archery competitions. The team of Kazakhstan for Kokpar will play with the team of Uzbekistan. We will tell you about only the most interesting facts.

Horse races are another national sport for the Central Asian countries. The breed of a horse does not matter here. The main thing is the right age. By the way, judges determine the breed by teeth of a horse before the start of the competition. As for the riders themselves, to participate in the competition a jockey does not need qualification. It is enough to have riding skills and know the rules. The minimum age of an athlete is 12 years old.

This time the competition was done without the participation of athletes from the UK and Ireland. They are considered as leaders in horse races.

The national team of Kazakhstan in the Kokpar in the semifinal met with the team of Uzbekistan. The bout turned out to be tense. The final score was 4: 5, not in our favour.

At the previous nomadic games, the strongest wrestlers on horses were also athletes from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

For the first time, Sumoists performed at the nomads' games. Athletes from ten countries, including Japan, gave bright fights.

Following the results of 5 days, our team won 13-gold, 17-silver and 22-bronze medals.