Kazakhstan has beat the teams from Krasnoyarsk and USA in Kok Boru

Another day of the games is continuing with competitions of archers, riders, wrestlers and Kokpar masters. Everyone wants to win, and we are going to tell you who did.

It only seems that playing Ordo is easy. The importance here lays in the technique of hand and shoulder movement. The game is similar to Kazakh national game called Asyk-atu. The Czech Republic national team was a big opening to the tournament. They have not only clearly learned the rules, but also gathered a strong team. During the competition, they have beaten the team from Mongolia with a score of 2-0.

Kazakhstan national team has participated in Kok Boru competition. The first game was against the team from Krasnoyarsk, with a win of 15-3 by Kazakhstan. Turganbek Kurmanbek was recognized as the most valuable player. Second game was also a win for Kazakhstan against USA. The score was 20-9. Further, the team from Kazakhstan faced Uzbekistan national team. Watch it in the next episode of III World Nomad Games Highlights.