Italian traveler and art expert Rosaria Iazzetta arrived in Kazakhstan

The works of one of the most famous artists - Pablo Picasso decorated the gallery of the National Museum in Astana. Eminent master of painting, the works of whose are recognized as the most expensive, appeared for Astana viewer as a ceramist. More than 30 ceramic products and over 60 engravings have been collected in a private collection presented in Astana. These works are priceless, as they were created in the last years of the life of the master in the French town of Vallauris.

Italian artist Rosaria Iazzetta pursued the question of how women can develop and realize their dreams in the world of art. Being the founder of the “Yellow Horse” project, her main goal is to find and record interviews with women who have achieved great success in art. She fulfills her idea in an unusual way - traveling on a motorcycle through 11 countries. Her tour began in late June in Naples and is planned to finish in the Japanese city of Morioka.