Special projects

The rich cultural diversity of the displaced national minorities which live on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan is explored in depth in “Accent”.







Kazakh history is full of events that have forced the native Kazakhs to leave their homeland. Thus, at present the Kazakhs are scattered throughout the world and some of them have found their homes in foreign countries. After Kazakhstan gained independence in 1991, many ethnic Kazakhs have been able to return to their native land. Modern Nomads is a program that tells about some of the most fascinating destinies and life stories of these repatriates.

The EXPO-2017 programme is a weekly review of news about EXPO-2017. The programme will tell the viewers about the importance of holding this exhibition in Kazakhstan, the country’s preparation for the exhibition, its participants and the theme of EXPO-2017 – «Future Energy»..



It presents the facts from the history of our country, a few people know about and which are interesting to everybody. A series of programs, which do not have any analogues in Kazakhstan, will open unknown pages in the history of Kazakhstan. “Reflections on history” is a television educational TV series in the Kazakh and Russian languages with a distinct style. It will be fascinating to watch the programme due to it’s presenting of information, unique video chronicles and design.