New projects


Kazakhstan is a state interested in an integration of its economies. This is due to the lack of direct access to the sea, small population size and density, the post-Soviet legacy of regional specialization. The integration processes in the economy of the Republic started from its independence attainment. But lately there has been an ambiguous attitude in society to some initiatives. Objective of the project is a competent and clear explanation of the reasons and steps in the course of today economic integration in Kazakhstan.



Information Programme on developments in the economy, which should happen next week.










News review on economical development of Kazakhstan, business publications, a selection of the most relevant statements and comments of the key economic speakers, interviews and reports. 



Kazakhstan has establish and has been developing relationships with more than 140 countries of the world. The country has long enjoyed a reputation as an open and friendly partner, became an active supporter and initiator of various integration processes in the world community, always ready to create the conditions for large-scale dialogue. Today the number of recent and planned international activities in Kazakhstan allows a country to claim the status of one of the global centers in the world. International meetings of different levels of scale and efficiency occur regularly in Kazakhstan. Their coverage is the main objective of the «Global talk» project.


Program about mineral resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan is one of the leading countries in the world in terms of the number and variety of mineral resources. Kazakhstan became one of the richest countries in mineral resources, its reserves will be sufficient for the next 100 years. The program in details explores the natural resources of Kazakhstan.



The program tells about the investment and tourism potential of Kazakhstan. It shows the connection between tradition and modernity, demonstrates the achievements and potential growth of the country, which has found its own unique path of development.










Kazakhstan is a multiethnic country; it is home to over 130 nationalities. Every nation has its own culinary brands. In our project «National cuisine» representatives of different nationalities will share the recipes of their national dishes. The heroes of the program are well-known personalities, actors, designers, athletes who have something to tell us about their culture, their traditions and uniqueness of people. The aim of the project is to show the audience a rich ethnic diversity of Kazakhstan through its culinary heritage.






The program will raise the veil of a mysterious and desirable world of Kazakhstani  show business. Only here the fans of the national stage celebrities will learn not only about the creative life of their idols, but also some interesting facts of their personal life. Heroes tell about their bright performances, new songs and creative plans.