22th of March - Nauryz holiday



Nauryz is the holiday of spring equinox in Kazakhstan. On the Eastern calendar it was marked as the day of the renewed life which comes with the spring. For Kazakhs, this holiday is a symbol of spring renewal, the triumph of love, fertility and friendship. In the old days before the arrival of Nauryz people usually cleaned their homes and farms, planted trees and flowers in honor of the holiday. It was believed that if Nauryz enters the house of a good home owner, his family will be safe from diseases, failures and misery. "Nauryz" means "the birth of spring". This is the most important and the oldest festival of the Eastern peoples. It has another name as Ulys Kuny ("New Year's Day") or Ulystyn Uly Kuny ("The Great Day of the people"). It is believed that a generous feast on Nauryz will bring wealth and success into houses during the whole year. These beliefs explain the abundance of festive rituals and customs.

In Kazakhstan, Nauryz was not celebrated nationally from 1926 to 1988. Since 2001 Nauryz was declared a public holiday, and from 2009 the holiday is celebrated for 3 consecutive days starting from March 21.

A huge number of events celebrating Nauryz are planned in Astana. The main concert and entertainment programs will be held on the city central square as well as various exhibitions and festivals.

March 21-25 - selling exhibition "Kazakh jewelry art in the hearts of children" at the Museum of Modern Art;

March 23-26 - The Republican contest and festival "Music of Spring" at the SEC "Khan - Shatyr";

March 21, at 18:00 - Folk music concert with the participation of teams of the State Philharmonic of Astana at the Congress Hall;

March 21, at 19:00 - Concert of the State Philharmonic "Nagyz Kazakh - dombyra"(True Kazakh dombra) at the Organ Hall of KazNUA;

March 22 - Concert "An men Anshi" (Sing and Singer) at the Congress Hall;

March 23, at 17.00 - Charity concert with participation of Kazakhstani celebrities at the "Kazakhstan" Concert Hall;

March 24 – Concert of the orchestra "Ak zhauyn" (“White rain”) at the "Kazakhstan" Concert Hall;

March 24 - International Festival "Ak kogershіn" (“Dove”) at the "Zhastar" Palace;

March 24 - Children symphonic tale "Peter and the Wolf" at the "Astana Opera";

March 25-26 – Recital of Perizat Turarova and the concert of the ensemble "Nur saulem" at the Congress Hall.