Constitution Day

Every year on August 30 in our country celebrates the Day of the Constitution - the Fundamental Law of the independent sovereign Kazakhstan. It was August 30, 1995 held a national referendum where the people of Kazakhstan has approved the project of the new Constitution. It has become one of the defining moments in the way of building an independent state Kazakhstan. This festival is one of the most important public holidays, as it reflects the will of the people of Kazakhstan, his desire for the approval of the country as a democratic, secular, legal and social state (Article 1 of the Constitution of Kazakhstan).

Kazakhstan gained its independence in 1991, but only in 1995 the Basic Law of the Republic was finally approved. Twice in the Basic Law of the Republic has been amended: in 1998 and in 2007. In 2007, the Constitution was assigned a new form of government - presidential-parliamentary. The Basic Law is a primarily a concentrated expression of the new outlook. The current Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan has a special place in our society and the state. As a basic legal document of our country, the Constitution at the same time is one of the achievements of the democratic, social and secular state, which declared itself Kazakhstan.

The pursuit of high ideals of democracy, mutual respect and friendship among the peoples inhabiting the ancient Kazakh land, the interpenetration of cultures, coherent system of state bodies - all these were a real reflections of the Basic Law. As the Basic Law of the State and Society The Constitution, unlike other legislation, it is founding, fundamental. It regulates a broad scope of public relations, the most important ones that affect the vital interests of all members of society, all citizens. The Constitution provides the basis of social-economic system of the state, its national-territorial structure, basic rights, freedoms and duties of man and citizen, organization and system of state power and administration, establishes the rule of law and legality. Therefore, the constitutional norms - fundamental for the activities of state bodies, political parties, public organizations, officials and citizens. The norms of the Constitution primary in relation to all other legal norms.

The Constitution - is the main source of law that contains the source the beginning of the whole system of law. It represents the basis for the current legislation defines its character.

The Constitution has the supreme legal force. The supremacy of the Constitution as the Basic Law is manifested in the fact that all laws and other acts of state bodies shall be promulgated on the basis and in accordance with it. Strict observance of the Constitution and accurate - this is the highest standard of behavior for all citizens, all social organizations, all state bodies.

The Constitution in society always takes an exceptional place, speaking the main political and legal document of the country, consolidating the most important aspects of the political and social-economic system and the basic rights, freedoms and duties of citizens. Constitution Day in all regions and cities of the Republic traditionally held mass public celebrations and concerts, various exhibitions. In rural and mountainous areas can see traditional folk festivals and games. The main celebrations and official events held in the state capital - Astana. You can visit the venues where are the Kazakh and foreign performers. Many parks are held celebrations in the capital and in the evening give the fireworks.