Astana Day - 17 years!

Since 1998, the youngest capital of the world - Astana - annually celebrates a birthday on July 6. This national holiday is the most massive in scale, as a joyous event celebrated together in all regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It should be noted that the celebration of this significant date lasts about 10 days, with the peak period of congratulations falls on July 4-6. This year's official celebration of the Day of the capital will begin on July 4 with a ceremony of raising the national flag.


Said warm season allows you to visit the numerous activities not only indoors but also outdoors open-air. Musical concerts are held with the participation of domestic and foreign pop stars, and, until recently, their names are kept secret. In all corners of the city are held cultural events, theater performances, sports competitions, exhibitions, fairs, flash mobs, contests and promotions. The final of the Day of the city fireworks.


"This year, in honor of the birthday of Astana city held more than 70 events, including the international level. Celebrations planned to cover more than 500 thousand people. This year, the main themes of the celebration of the 17th anniversary of the capital will become landmark anniversaries: the 550th anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate , the 20th anniversary of Kazakhstan People's Assembly, and the main message of the Day of the capital: "The heart of the country - Astana!" - said the head of the metropolitan Department of Culture Bolat Mazhagulov at a briefing in central communications Service.  


It is worth noting that, along with festive events, the capital illuminated reinforced measures for improvement of the city. Thus, according to the General plan of the city are settling playgrounds, roads are repaired, shall be granted in the new buildings,  improving all the infrastructure as a whole. Therefore, Astana is thriving with each passing year, more and more, sharing their achievements with the world.


ACTION PLAN for the Day of the capital: